The so-called "My Brand Story" 

I always thought that it will make me happy when one day I could be a marketing manager, sitting in a fancy office in my nice dress and managing successful campaigns for famous international brands. This dream started to change when I saw in the reality how this life looks like and I should admit that I miss something from my all-day life. When my "happiness" turned already in serious health issues and anxiety, I didn't have other choices than quit my corporate job and choose the best medicament of the world: Traveling. That was the point when a completely new chapter began in my life. 


During my volunteer months, the only goal was to discover what I really want to do in my life. Trying myself helping running a guesthouse in a small town of Husavík in the North of Iceland, gardening in a meditation center in the South of Portugal, or being part of a team at a Surf House in Lagos Portugal taught me that the only thing that really makes me happy when I could help people with marketing to grow their businesses and show it to the world online. 


When I started my business in 2017, I knew already that I would like to work only with brands and people who have meaningful projects that makes the world a better place. I'm grateful because I hadn't really search for my first projects: they came always with the good people in my life. That's how I didn't really narrow down my profile to a specific market, business stage or size,  and that's why my process could help everyone who has a business or a business idea in mind.   

Today, after gaining experience with more than 30 brands worldwide, my goal is still the same: helping good people to discover the real value of their businesses and learn to express their real values to the world online and also offline.